Sedation Dentistry
in Clayton, California

The Grove Family Dentistry provides a calm and relaxing atmosphere for our patients. We pride ourselves on helping our patients feel at ease during their dental treatments. We understand that a trip to the dentist can cause anxiety in some patients, and we do all we can to alleviate those feelings.

Sedation Dentistry in Clayton, California

Even though there is an expectation of some anxious feelings about coming to the dentist, there are patients who experience a heightened level of trepidation. If you feel you are such a person, we invite you to give us a try. We provide sedation dentistry to help calm and relax you. Anxiety should not be a deterrent to getting the dental care you need in order to maintain oral health. We can help you overcome your anxious feelings so that you can undergo dental procedures without feelings of fear.

Oral Conscious Sedation

Sedation does not necessarily mean you need to be put to sleep. With oral conscious sedation, you remain awake; however, the feelings of nervousness are greatly reduced. You can sit back and relax while your dental work is being done. You will take an oral medication before your appointment to feel more relaxed during the procedure. It is important to make plans to have someone drive you home after your appointment. Although the effects of the sedation will wear off, it is not advisable for you to operate any machinery, including a car after oral sedation.

Laughing Gas

You breathe in the precisely titrated and monitored laughing gas/oxygen mixture which creates an overall relaxed and calming feeling during the procedure. Soon after the procedure is completed, you will feel normal again. This type of sedation is an excellent choice for patients who want to feel more at ease during the appointment.

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Before any sedation is administered, we will need a comprehensive health history and a list of all medications and supplements you are taking. If you need a little help to relax during your treatment, contact The Grove Family Dentistry today for more information about our sedation dentistry options or to schedule your appointment.

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Krystal T.

Dr. Truong was very kind and easy to talk to. He answered any questions I had and took great care of my smile! Also, their dental hygienist, Charlene, did an excellent job cleaning my teeth! Thank you Grove Family Dentistry!
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J S Bath

Smiling and welcoming staff . Very professional to work with and friendly at the same time. They go the extra mile with their service.
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Kristin K.

The Grove Family Dentistry is an excellent choice for your dental needs. They are friendly and very accommodating. Plus I’m quite certain that I just received the best cleaning of my life. Super pleased with this dental office.
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