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Have You Been To The Dentist Lately?

When was the last time you visited the dentist? If you’re keeping up with your cleanings and exams, it was probably less than six months ago, which is fantastic.

Read more | Comments (0) | Jan 19, 2018

Use Your Benefits Before 2018!

Every time you get a paycheck, a little bit is taken out for your dental insurance. It probably gives you access to two cleanings each year plus a range of treatment options with a co-pay. But, you’ve put off your cleanings this year, and that tooth that’s been bothering you has become more and more sensitive.

Read more | Comments (0) | Dec 08, 2017

Is A Denture Right For You?

Are you missing all of your natural teeth? Even if not, you’re here because you know the teeth you do have left won’t be there for long. You’re thinking about getting a denture.

Read more | Comments (0) | Nov 15, 2017

Do You Know the Symptoms of a Dental Abscess?

Just hearing the words “dental abscess” can send shivers of fear down your spine. Or tremors of pain through your jaw.

Read more | Comments (0) | Oct 13, 2017

3 of the Most Common Dental Health Myths

No one likes to feel victim to lies and false advertising. But being deceived is downright dangerous when it comes to health matters.Unfortunately, many people base their dental health decisions on common falsehoods.

Read more | Comments (0) | Sep 19, 2017

Is There a Difference Between Plaque and Tartar?

A lot of people mistakenly think that “plaque” and “tartar” are interchangeable terms for the same thing. It may seem strange to be picky over classifying the gunk on your teeth, but it’s important to know that there is a difference.

Read more | Comments (0) | Aug 20, 2017

Can Stress Cause Your Teeth to Fall Out?

In a recent interview on the Tonight Show, actress Demi Moore confessed to losing a couple teeth due to stress. It's no surprise that even the famous are prone to stress, but can your teeth really fall out that easily?

Read more | Comments (0) | Jul 18, 2017

Get the Whitest Smile of Your Life!

Almost everyone wants a brighter smile. White teeth convey an image of youth, health, and beauty. Who doesn't want to look young, healthy, and gorgeous? Lightening your tooth color is a great way to make a small but powerful change in your overall appearance.

Read more | Comments (0) | Jun 20, 2017

Five Reasons to Get Dental X-rays

Did you know that getting dental x-rays is safer than ever? It’s true…digital radiography can reduce radiation exposure by as much as 90%. That means when you get your “routine” x-rays with a dentist, you’re actually exposed to less radiation than you are if you spent a day out on the beach.

Read more | Comments (0) | May 16, 2017

Signs You May Need Gum Therapy

Despite how it may sound, gum therapy isn't exactly a treatment you opt for like a pedicure or massage. Instead, it's a series of services aimed at cleansing your teeth of bacteria and tartar which irritate the gums. The ultimate goal is to promote healing so that your gums can keep nurturing and protecting your teeth.

Read more | Comments (0) | Apr 19, 2017

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