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Six Month Smiles

You may be wondering if it is really possible to straighten your teeth in six months. Depending on the severity of your misalignment, yes, it really is possible. You can have a straight, healthy smile in about a six month time frame with Six Month Smiles. Unlike traditional braces in orthodontics, Six Month Smiles uses clear braces to achieve amazing results in a much shorter space of time than regular traditional braces.

The clear brackets used in Six Month Smiles along with tooth colored wires are hardly visible. The forces used to move your teeth are low and your teeth are not undergoing prolonged pressure. A shorter time span for movement means better oral hygiene, allows for more comfort and it is a safe way to straighten mildly misaligned teeth.

Straight Teeth in Six Months

The use of braces is still generally considered the most effective method of straightening teeth. Six Months Smiles is a short term treatment for straightening slightly misaligned teeth. While severely misaligned teeth may require more extensive orthodontics, this system works well for less complicated cases.

Orthodontic treatment can be expensive. Fortunately, in addition to providing results faster than traditional braces, Six Month Smiles is also more cost effective. Adults who avoided or did not have the opportunity to get their teeth straightened when they were younger are turning to Six Month Smiles to get the straight smile they always wanted. They appreciate the aesthetics of the system which allows them to correct misalignment without the metal look of traditional braces.

This system of straightening teeth is available for older teens and adults, however not recommended for younger patients. If you are considering straightening out your smile, contact us today and make an appointment with The Grove Family Dentistry for a consultation appointment with Dr. Truong. After examining your misalignment situation, Dr. Truong will let you know if you are a good candidate for Six Month Smiles.

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