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Root Canal Therapy

When given the option to save a tooth or extract it, saving it may be preferable. Nothing can compare with the efficiency of your natural teeth. Many people are unaware of the fact that root canal therapy is the best way to save an infected tooth. Most often the infection is the result of neglecting to remove the decay from the tooth.

The infection process begins when the enamel of the tooth becomes eroded away by bacterial acids. After the decay eats through the enamel, it attacks the next layer of the tooth called the dentin. This layer is much softer than the hard enamel so decay can spread quickly. At this stage some discomfort may be felt when hot or cold foods or beverages touch the tooth. It is not until the decay reaches the nerve of the tooth that true discomfort and pain are felt. The pulp is the most vulnerable part of the tooth and as the decay eats away at the nerves the tooth begins to die. Acids build up causing an abscess to form at the base of the root and if not treated, the bone around the area will be dissolved. Root canal therapy is used to clean out the decayed nerve and abscess.

Root Canals Offer Pain Relief for Infected Teeth

Root canal therapy (RCT) itself is often painless. Advancements in dental technology have made removal of necrotic or dead nerve tissue easier with less discomfort for the patient. RCT entails gaining access to the root canal and cleaning out all of the decayed tissue and sterilizing the area. Once that has been accomplished a special filling material is placed in the canal to keep bacteria out. The canal is then sealed off and the remainder of the tooth is filled with an appropriate filling material. Once the abscess and nerve tissue have been removed from the tooth, you should feel relief from the pain and discomfort.

At The Grove Family Dentistry, your root canal therapy will be carried out gently with skill and compassion. You do not need to suffer through excruciating toothache pain. If you have an infected tooth, please contact us today for an appointment. Root canals do not cause pain; they eliminate it. Infected teeth cause undue pain.

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