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Invisalign Aligner

When orthodontics is mentioned, pictures of a mouth full of metal comes to mind. Food restrictions with the idea of no chewy, sticky food for the years during treatment may even cause you to groan. Fortunately there have been some amazing advancements in the field of orthodontics that now make it possible to straighten your teeth and still eat gummi bears! Invisalign Aligners are clear plastic custom made covers that fit over your teeth and gently move your teeth into position over time.

These smooth plastic covers apply gentle forces to the teeth moving them into position over a period of time. Using special computer software along with high tech instruments your treatment plan will be developed. Sets of aligners will be crafted which you will wear for a prescribed amount of time moving your teeth into the desired position.

Invisalign Aligners are virtually invisible to the casual observer. Your teeth will be moving into position but no one will notice. You also have the added pleasure of maintaining your current diet. The aligners are removed for meals and snacks so you can eat whatever foods you please. You also take them out for brushing and flossing your teeth and pop them back in when you are finished.

Invisalign Teen

For the self-conscious teen, Invisalign Teen is perfect. The subtlety of the aligners allow for straightening of the teeth without the embarrassment of wires and brackets. Teens enjoy the fact that they do not have any dietary restrictions while having their teeth straightened. All the edibles that teens enjoy can stay on their list of allowable foods. Keeping up with oral hygiene is a breeze too. Since your teen does not have to negotiate cleaning between wires and brackets, there is also less chance of tooth decay and gum disease. Proper oral hygiene is easily maintained. Both teens and adults will appreciate the fact that with the Invisalign method of orthodontics, you can actually see the predicted end result via a computer generated image.

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