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Dental Implant Restorations

Advancements in restorative dentistry have made it possible to replace a single missing tooth or to stabilize a denture. Dental implants provide remarkable advantages in their ability to function, feel and look like your natural teeth. The implant procedure involves placing an artificial root into the jawbone and once healing occurs, a crown is made to fit over the implant, mimicking your natural teeth. The implant provides maximum stability during chewing, laughing, and speaking. It also helps to prevent bone loss in the area of a missing tooth. Dr. Truong is experienced with dental implant restorations and helping patients achieve their most confident smile after missing teeth.

Implant Repairs

Success rate of dental implants is high, making them an excellent restorative option. However, it is possible for complication to arise. If the dental restoration over your implant has suffered damage (such as a cracked crown) or you experience a change in the way your dental implant feels, please come see us so that you can regain a comfortable and confident smile and avoid a complete dental implant replacement.

At The Grove Family Dentistry, we work hard to help patients maximize their dental implant investment. This includes diligent oral hygiene as well as routine dental exams. Regular checkups are important so that any issue that may arise with an implant can be detected early and addressed more conservatively.

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