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Halitosis Treatment

Are you one of the 50 million Americans afflicted with bad breath? Unfortunately, unless someone tells you of the problem, most likely you have been unknowingly offending people. Halitosis is a very common condition with a variety of causes. Gastro-intestinal problems can lead to bad breath as well as illness. Decaying teeth and gum disease are other causes of the condition. The most common source is easily addressed. Poor oral hygiene and lack of general dental care are leading causes of halitosis, but with instruction in how to properly care for your mouth and visiting the dentist regularly, it can be eliminated. When bacteria break down the proteins in your mouth they create a large build-up of volatile Sulphur compounds. These byproducts of broken down proteins most often occur on the back of the tongue causing bad breath.

Since halitosis has a variety of causes, it is important to have the condition properly diagnosed. Proper oral care can eliminate the problem if that is where it is stemming from, however keep in mind that there are other sources as well. Dr. Truong can determine if your halitosis is oral related or possibly coming from another problem. You will be advised to contact your primary physician if your bad breath is not related to issues in your mouth.

Treatment for Bad Breath

In the case of halitosis caused by dental problems, a thorough exam can reveal problems that are underlying the condition. Decayed teeth and gum disease are both situations that when tackled should restore your mouth back to health eliminating the foul odor. When your teeth are cleaned professionally, the buildup of plaque and tartar that can lead to gum disease and cavities is removed. Learning to clean your tongue is another easy remedy to get rid of bad breath that is the result of bacterial buildup. Proper oral hygiene and regular dental checkups are a big help in keeping halitosis at bay.

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