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Missing teeth can be a source of embarrassment and loss of self-confidence. Are you hiding your smile due to large gaps caused by lost teeth? The Grove Family Dentistry can help restore your smile and boost your self-confidence in the process. Whether you have just a few teeth missing or no teeth at all, we can have you smiling again with a new set of dentures.

Lack of teeth can affect your general health. When teeth are missing critical chewing surface is lost. The ability to chew your food properly is important for the body’s uptake of nutrients. When you do not have all your teeth, you are also missing out on nutrition which can impact your general health. You do not need to suffer the ill effects of lack of teeth. We are here to help restore your ability to eat well and look good.

Full & Complete Dentures

If you are missing all the teeth on either your upper or lower jaw or both, you are a candidate for full dentures. Your ability to chew all types of food returns when you have dentures. Your new dentures will also make you look younger since they will give structure to your facial muscles. No longer will your face have that sunken in look.

Partial Dentures

When only a few teeth are missing a partial denture may be suggested. This removable appliance is a particularly good choice in instances where a dental bridge is not feasible. Partial dentures restore missing teeth while providing stability to adjacent teeth preventing them from shifting out of place. The support needed for lips and cheeks is also restored giving your face a fuller more youthful look.

There is no need to hide a smile full of missing teeth when that smile and your oral health can be restored through dentures. Contact The Grove Family Dentistry today for a consultation with Dr. Truong. Make plans to get your smile back on track.

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