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Custom Night Guards

Teeth are subject to incredible pressure during your waking hours. Chewing your food properly takes a tremendous amount of force. So the added pressure of grinding your teeth while sleeping is something you need to avoid. Bruxism or teeth grinding while you sleep can do damage to your teeth in addition to causing you other problems like head, neck and shoulder pain.

Children generally outgrow bruxism and some adults only do it when under unusual amounts of stress. When the practice is sporadic it may not need to be treated; however for those who are chronic teeth grinders, an intervention with a custom nightguard can reduce if not eliminate the damage caused by bruxism. This device can help stop the damage that occurs with bruxism. Custom made to fit, these guards keep you from grinding your teeth during sleep.

Treatment for Teeth Grinding - Bruxism

Correct diagnosis of the problem is essential to developing an effective treatment plan. Several options are available. Once the extent of the problem is determined, Dr. Truong will advise you on the best course of treatment for your particular situation. Dental treatments for bruxism include splints or night guards. A night guard prevents the upper and lower teeth from coming together therefore eliminating the wearing down of tooth enamel. Other options may include medications or therapy.

Chronic bruxism can result in loss of dental enamel making your teeth more susceptible to decay. Sometimes teeth can be damaged by breakage or cracking due to the pressure caused by grinding. Grinding your teeth can also cause you to sleep less soundly. You may experience facial pain or headaches as well. If you think you may be experiencing the symptoms of bruxism, relief is just a phone call away. Contact us today to make your appointment with The Grove Family Dentistry to have an assessment made of your teeth grinding habit.

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