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Composite Fillings

No one likes cavities and having them on your front teeth or teeth within your smile can be disheartening. Fortunately, composite fillings are a cosmetic dentistry treatment that can be used to restore the natural beauty of your teeth and keep your smile intact. Composite fillings are the filling of choice because they have the look and feel of natural teeth. When composite material is used to fill a cavity no one can tell that you have had any dental work done.

A decayed area shows up as a brown spot on your tooth. The longer you neglect it the larger it becomes. Getting the cavity cleaned out and filled with composite brings your tooth back to its natural state. Composite fillings have been used in the dental field for decades. More recent advances in dental materials have produced composites that are stronger and more durable than their predecessors. This makes their use more widespread.

What is a Composite Resin?

There are several types of composite resins. Basically they are a combination of plastic and glass or ceramic. Each kind of composite has its advantages. There are some which require a special curing process using a blue light. This special light is used between layers as the composite is packed into the clean cavity. The light cures or hardens each layer, ensuring that the filling will be durable and able to withstand the pressures it will be subjected to without failing. The light activates a reaction in the material causing it to become hard.

Composite fillings are colored to match your teeth making them very desirable. After the material is placed in the cavity and allowed to harden, the excess is removed and the filling is smoothed down and polished. The end product is a filling that looks and feels as natural as your tooth. Contact The Grove Family Dentistry today to schedule a consultation and find out if white composite fillings are right for you.

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