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Pain-Free Numbing - Is It Possible?

It's a bit of a catch 22: to numb your teeth against uncomfortable treatment, you need an uncomfortable shot or two.

Fortunately, Dr. Victor Truong has a way to give virtually painless injections.

The Wand Numbing Device

Typical numbing needles tend to be large and awkward. This can make it challenging to make injections comfortable. Giving shots is a delicate task and one that's challenging to do without causing any discomfort.

As an alternative, you can have numbing with “The Wand.”

The Wand combines computer technology with a slimmer, lighter, and more ergonomic syringe. Such a sleek and lightweight design makes it easier for Dr. Truong to deliver the medication exactly where you need it.

 Benefits for You

Regular shots are sometimes painful because the clinician has to move the needle around to get it in the right spot. The Wand's computer helps direct the injection, making it more likely that you'll get numbed in a single go.

It's not just the needle that causes discomfort. Shots can also hurt because of how fast the medication flows in. The faster it goes, the more it can burn. The Wand, however, controls the pressure and speed of the anesthesia flow, keeping it constant and comfortable.

Not numb enough? The Wand eliminates the need to remove the needle, load more anesthetic, and deliver another shot. A computer-guided system regulates the proper amount of anesthesia so you get just what you need.

Thanks to the Wand, you can enjoy faster and more comfortable treatment with far less anxiety. Call The Grove Family Dentistry today to plan a visit and find out more about the Wand anesthesia system.

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