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Get a Straight Smile in Six Months

Clayton CA Short Term OrthodonticsIt's natural to want to have a straighter-looking smile. At The Grove Family Dentistry in Clayton, we can help...you don't even have to spend years in metal braces! What if we told you it was possible to straighten the teeth people see when you smile, without having to spend extra time correcting the alignment of teeth that aren't visible? With Six Month Smiles, it's a reality.

What are Fast or Accelerated Orthodontics?
When someone talks about "fast braces" or "accelerated ortho" like Six Month Smiles, they're referring to a method of therapy that adjusts the alignments of only the front teeth. Since there are fewer teeth to move, the process can be completed much more quickly. In fact, most of our Clayton braces patients complete their Six Month Smiles treatment in just that...six months.

Is it Safe?
Absolutely! Six Month Smiles uses precise tooth movement techniques to adjust the alignment and positioning of the front teeth. Once everything is repositioned, you'll be able to smile with confidence.

Clear Braces for Adults

You'll be thrilled to know that our Six Month Smiles braces comes in tooth colored options that blend right in with the shade of your teeth. This prevents them from being as noticeable as traditional metal braces. In fact, by the time you finish six months of treatment, aside from having straighter teeth, many people probably won't even realize that you had braces on in the first place.

The Grove Family Dentistry offers Six Month Smiles right here in Clayton. Call us today to schedule a consultation at our office. Financing plans are available!

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